Those Who Were Seen Dancing (In-Production)

Those Who Were Seen Dancing, is a feature-length film written and to be directed by Sinisha Nisevic and executive produced by Kevin Chen and Nadine De Barros. The film is currently in pre-production. Magnolia, an artist, a young rising musician, looses her voice … unable to make music she disappears into the desert where by chance she meets Henry… fellow musician….. and decides to go an a tour with his band…rediscovers her voice again, finds true love but then kills that love .. keeping the secret. … in a decision and choice that haunts her. 

The Stranger (Pre-Production)

The Stranger at the Palazzo D’Oro, is a feature-length film in development written and to be directed by Sinisha Nisevic and executive produced by legendary Robert Evans.  Based on the short story by an award winning writer Paul Theroux, adapted for screen by Sinisha, and starring John Malkovich as “Haroun” one of the leads. It is the sensual story of an unusual love affair.  The clash of youth and age, innocence and experience, The Stranger is a provocative tale of memory and desire that will take the audience to a place where nothing is what it seems.

Time Framed

Time Framed is conceived as a feature film but was re-written as one hour film series. Season one has been written and the synopsis for 2nd and 3rd season have been developed as well. Truman Black (Ian Somerhalder) is a highly trained  economic forecaster working for an American consulting firm with strong government ties, creating massive profits for corrupt oil and gas corporations.  When he starts to question the global political and environmental implications of his work, he becomes a whistle blower … with a death wish.